Telling the story of your day…

To us, wedding photography is all about telling a story, capturing moments and emotions through our photographs.

Because you get the two of us, we can be in two different places at once! Like little ninjas snapping away, which means more moments, more details and more emotions captured, telling the complete story of one of the most important days of your lives.

Our aim is when you look back over your photographs you will not only relive your day, feeling all those emotions again, but will also see lots of special moments that you missed on the day.  When you don’t see us that means you also don’t see the moment that we are capturing!

Here’s how we tell your wedding story…

Getting ready

We will arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed usually 2 -3 hours before the ceremony begins, all excited and ready to capture all the shenanigans from champagne corks flying, to the finer details such as jewellery, flowers, cufflinks, buttonholes and all the excitement of the wedding day build up.  And of course, because there’s two of us we can be with the both of you, regardless of the miles apart

It’s all in the details

We know you’ve spent months, maybe years, planning your big day and you’ve got everything just how you dreamed it would be. The cake, the favours, the centrepieces, the special personal touches that mean so much. It all shows the character and uniqueness of your wedding and all of your hard work and planning has come together to create something beautiful. We get it, and that’s why we make sure we snap every detail that tells the story of your day.

The ceremony

Imagine having photographs of your entrance to the ceremony, the most important walk of your life, down the aisle to the one you love. Imagine also having photographs of their reaction and all your family and friends turning to watch you make your entrance! See the smiles, the tears and all the proud faces, as well as that traditional view of your progression down the aisle. As your ceremony gets underway, one of us will always focus on capturing the reactions of your guests, the laughter, the smiles and the happy tears, while the other one makes sure we don’t miss a moment of the time between the two of you. We can take photos from different perspectives, making sure we show all the beautiful viewpoints within your venue from the front and back of the room; all without missing a moment!

Family and couple photographs

Most couples choose to have some family group photos. We work together to make sure this part of the day goes smoothly and quickly so that you and your guests are not standing around for long periods waiting for group photos to be done. We have a recommended list of group shots that we know will work and we will go through this with you ahead of the day. Our approach to group photos is relaxed and as well as taking the traditional group photos we always make sure we take some more informal shots where we can capture people’s personalities. As well as your family groups we can also do a big group photo of you and all of your guests and of course we also like to capture you with your wedding party.

As well as your group photographs it is very important to get some beautiful, natural images of the two of you together on your wedding day. This is a chance for you to have a break away from everything and just spend some time together as a newly married couple! Our style is very natural – we will give you some direction but we like to capture natural photos of you walking through the grounds, stopping to take it all in and just enjoying being together. You will feel relaxed and at ease when it comes to this part of your day, which will show in your pictures.


What tells the story of your wedding day better than photos of all those amazing, unposed, real moments?!? We LOVE taking these shots and we can cover so much more as we can be in two different places, even different rooms, inside and outside, all at the same time! We just love to mingle alongside your guests, have a laugh with them and capture what’s going on. We spend time chatting with people and we get to know them, as the more comfortable people feel with us, the more natural they will be and the more real moments we can capture. You might not always be able to see both of us, but if you can’t see us then we’re capturing a moment that you didn’t see!


The speeches – it’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for! We might laugh and cry along with everyone else, but we’ll also make sure that one of us captures all the amazing moments at the top table, the nerves, the laughter, the emotion and of course the toasts, while the other one goes round the room and photographs your guests’ reactions. Who was laughing, who was crying and who was just wishing it was time for food – you’ll know once you look back at our photos!

The evening

Aaaand relax! Time to let your hair down and party. We approach the evening with the same philosophy as the rest of the day – different places, different angles, different moments. A photo of you cutting your cake and a photo of your guests cheering you on, a photo concentrating on the love between you both as you dance your first dance and a photo of your family and friends gathered round and watching. And once the dance floor gets going, well we’re in there too! We’re looking out for different moments happening: amazing dance styles, hilarious antics and if Dad gets up and shows everyone his moves then we’ve got it covered.

One last thing, the evening comes with different light: sunsets, colourful skies and darkness. This gets our creativity flowing and we both love coming up with different ideas for some final photographs of the day. We might use our own lights, or pretty venue fairy lights, but before we head off, we will come and ask you for some final and very romantic photos!

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